Monday, March 30, 2015

A new perspective

Formal training

Formal training helps in laying down a foundation, but it is practice that strengthens it...There's no secret to great drawing skills, as I have come to's a lot of hardwork - are you up for it?!

No study of art is complete without understanding perspective. When I first explored this  formally, I was also playing around with Sketchbook pro for the first, you should probably excuse the hatching and grey tones!!

Observational drawing

Drawing from life is a great way to get that mileage into your art...Also, it's a great place for ideas for the future -

 Let the world inspire you! Observational drawing from life is a great way to get inspiration , and hone your drawing skills.

 The challenge is to try and capture a face or a gesture within a few seconds, it helps you look out for the most defining characteristics of that person or pose...
 day out with other artists
 children playing
  from a festival in rancho cordova last summer..

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